Submissive Training Collar

Submissive Training Collar

Get Your Submissive Into The Perfect Mind Frame With This Submissive Training Collar

* A Master Bishop Favorite

A collar is a very important symbol to a submissive entering into training with a Dominant. Every submissive dreams about the day they will feel that collar around their neck. So an uncomfortable and ugly collar just won't cut it.

This is why W/we only use these submissive training collars at the BDSM Training Academy, because they are created with training in mind. Not only will they look perfect around your submissive's neck, but the quality of the collar will represent and present your superior Dominance in a glowing light.

The Submissive Training Collar Includes:

  • 1.5 inch wide grade 1 premium leather collar
  • Soft grade 1 suede leather lines the inside of the collar, making it easy and pleasant to wear as long as you desire
  • Each collar is lockable, meaning that the collar will stay on until the Dominant decides to take it off
  • All edges are rounded adding to the collars comfort. Straight leather edges can cut into the skin, becoming more painful and distracting the longer the session goes.
  • Each collar is sewn to create a more secure, durable and comfortable fit then riveted collars.
  • No metal comes in contact with the wearers skin. When a wearer becomes hot and sweaty, the skin can react to nickel rivets on riveted collars causing an irritating rash.
  • Approximate Size Range: 12"-17" circumference

Remember it doesn't matter what you do during a training session if your submissive can't concentrate on what it is you are saying. This is why a submissive training collar designed for comfort is so important.

At The BDSM Training Academy, W/we use a collar color system to rank submissives and slaves within their training.

Black/Blue - (trainee/Collar Of Consideration) the person has been accepted into training but has not proven themselves to be a submissive
Black/Red - (sub) the person has shown a desire to be a submissive and their knowledge has grown. They have been accepted as a sub.
Black/Purple - (submissive) A submissive is someone who has accepted their role in life. They have learned most of the skills of a submissive and continue to be happy and eager to prove themselves.
Black/Black - (slave) The final graduation of the program is to become a consenting slave. This person has mastered the skills and knowledge of being a submissive and are happy to live a life as a Dominant's slave.

Sometimes a submissive needs that physical representation of the goal that they are striving for.

* Lock sold separately

1000s of hours of play and testing have gone into developing better designs and higher quality bondage gear

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