Submissive Anal Training Dilator Kit

Submissive Anal Training Dilator Kit

The perfect training kit for submissives new to anal training. This kit allows you to start off small and at your own pace step up to a bigger size.

Most toys trap air into the anus, causing a submissive to feel uncomfortable.  As W/we all know once the sub is uncomfortable, its hard to get them to relax.  These dilator plugs have a small hole in each one, so air is not trapped.  This makes anal play much easier to get used to.  Once you get to the last plug, they will be ready to take anything you decide to give them.

Size of Plugs:
  • 1 inch diameter.
  • 1.25 inch diameter.
  • 1.50 inch diameter.
  • 1.75 inch diameter.
  • 2 inch diameter.
  • Length ranges from 3.25 inches to 5 inches.
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