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Have Your Wishes Come True This Holiday

Oh that day when you see all the presents under the Christmas tree is fast approaching. All the possibilities of what might be hidden within all those beautifully wrapped packages as they sit patiently to be opened can be such a tease to a creatively kinky mind. Of course, W/we all want to give O/our loved ones the items they truly wished for. And there is nothing like seeing the look of disappointment upon a loved ones face as they desperately try to look excited about something they never wanted. Just heartbreaking! There is one very easy fix to ensure that you give your partner exactly what they have been longing for. Have them create you a wishlist and you can create one for them….

Express Yourself This Halloween

Oh Halloween, the one day a year vanilla people around the world allow themselves to dress up and become the naughty person they truly want to be. Many kinky people dress up and join in all the naughty festivities. But for the most part the real naughty people, the true kinksters tend to get lost in the crowd. This year instead of dressing up for Halloween, how about giving yourself the freedom and experience the empowerment that comes from being dressed as your true self. Show this world the beauty that is found in being yourself instead of pretending to be someone else. So whether you identify as a Dominatrix, submissive/slave, Princess, Babygirl, Brat or Pet. Here are some of the most beautiful outfits that…

Help Us Provide You With Better Gear

W/we are constantly looking for new high quality products to help better enhance Y/your play sessions at the BDSM Toy Shop. The most important thing to U/us is having your opinion and feedback. W/we want to make sure the products W/we offer are what you really want and need. So W/we really need your feedback so that W/we can provide you with only the best BDSM gear possible and not waste your time with anything else. W/we would truly appreciate it if Y/you could take a few minutes and answer the questions listed below. As a special thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire, you will receive a special discount for the BDSM toy shop, so you can purchase some of the…

The Brand New Toy Shop

It has been a very long and hard effort to update and create a new toy shop. W/we decided to switch from zen cart to a new woocommerce shop and completely redesigned the look and feel. W/we’re hoping this new design will not only be easier to look at but be much easier to help you find what you are looking for. The most important thing for U/us is know what you think. Please let U/us know what you think of this new design. Sincerely, Master Bishop